Our Investment Process

When creating portfolios for our clients, we believe having a consistent investment process allows us a better understanding of our clients' needs. The steps we take to help achieve investor goals are:
  • Conduct personal, in-depth conversations to discover your acceptable and ideal goals
  • Perform a financial analysis customized to help meet your goals, through our firm's Envision® process
  • Assist you in developing an Investment Policy Statement
  • Advise you on an optimal asset allocation to help achieve your customized goals for the short, intermediate, and long term
  • Recommend enhanced risk-adjusted investments appropriate for you
  • Review investment managers' performance versus benchmarks and peer groups, and make investment changes when necessary
  • Review your on-going financial strategies with you 
The Syrios Wealth Management Group aligns our interest with you, our client. We have the flexibility to use a wide range of resources to design a sound plan for you.

Our Service Philosophy

Our experienced management team shares the goal of giving our clients complete satisfaction as well as a positive investment experience. To achieve this goal, we concentrate on developing a personal and professional relationship with our clients.  It is our belief that building this relationship is the single most important step to understanding our clients’ investment objectives.

Emotions can alter judgment, which can adversely affect performance.  It is our role and responsibility to our clients to temper the emotions of fear and greed during times of market volatility.  We inform our clients of opportunities whether the markets rise or fall, but we always continue to manage their entire portfolio in accordance with their stated goals and investment objectives. We do this while simultaneously making tactical adjustments to take advantage of potential opportunities. 

Our philosophy is to implement a top down investment planning approach 
that strives to deliver above-average results for our clients.

Our top down investment planning approach starts with developing a customized strategy that encompasses our clients’:

  • Long and short term goals
  • Investment objectives
  • Risk tolerances
  • Time horizon
  • Philanthropic needs
  • Tax efficiency
  • Wealth transfer
By adhering to our investment planning approach we tailor investment portfolios that are designed to help meet the unique needs of our clients' investment plans.

Our Community Support Philosophy

The Syrios Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors has a long history of supporting important community and charitable causes. 

Greg has volunteered his time by serving on the board as Chairman of the San Diego Rescue Mission, a nonprofit charity organization focused on serving the many needs of San Diego's homeless, abused and less fortunate. Through its efforts, the San Diego Rescue Mission has improved the lives of thousands of San Diegans through its many programs and outreach efforts.